Eric Ceputis Design


“You’ll never walk into a home and say, ‘Oh, this is an Eric Ceputis design.’ What’s more likely to happen is that you’ll say to the homeowner, ‘Wow, this is so you, in the best possible way.’”

“Eric hears and takes in what I tell him. He gets the mission statement. He digs deep and translates well.”

“Working with Eric is like getting a master’s degree in several subjects at once: the history of decorative arts, as well as construction techniques, organization and planning, curating a space and making good decisions. He has an incredible knowledge base.”

“I thought I was particular until I met Eric, but he is organized in the most optimal way—and he remains three steps ahead throughout the entire process.”

“Eric does what he says he will do in the specified timeframe. He makes sure things are done right. And never, never is there any drama.”

“Every time I turn the key in my apartment, I am so happy to be home I never want to leave. From the big pieces down to the knives and the forks, there is nothing that I would change—and I’ve never had that experience with other designers.”